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November Newsletter 2017




Food for Thought


To all outward appearances they looked like they were drunk and disorderly. Shouting, singing, hollering. But strangely, unexpectedly, into this chaotic behaviour on the day of Pentecost the apostle Peter stood and declared confidently, boldly, audaciously, that this ruchus was of God. This is what was spoken through the prophet Joel. Peter reframed the chaos and the madness as something of God. This then is the true miracle of the day of Pentecost story.

Question:- Are we bold to declare to the world our random experiences as being of God?


The Tillers have had an exciting time lately, with our eldest daughter getting married in mid-October. The wedding ceremony was at 2pm in Veale Garden,  South Terrace, and the girls were all getting ready at an Air B&B some distance away. Previously I had asked how we were getting to the ceremony, and the calm reply returned, We will Uber it However, by quarter to two, no one had done anything about booking the cars. Many of you know that I am a pretty laid back sort of guy, but I was panicking. If we started walking now we would only be a quarter of an hour late. In exasperation I blurted out is anyone going to ring for the cars! My daughter rolled her eyes at my ignorance and rang. Now you can’t pre-book Uber cars, you can’t have any say in what you want ( other than an option for a better class of car), you just have to take what comes. The app on her phone said that the first car was 6 minutes away, and the second was a minute behind.

The first car arrived, a new model black Chrysler perfect for the three bridesmaids in their very dark navy, I thought black, outfits. But the second car was nowhere to be found. Again a tightening of my chest relieved only when there was a phone call saying the car was just around the corner. We looked – it was another Chrysler, the same model as the first, – and white. How perfect!


In all the randomness of this booking system, the cars that came were a sign and a wonder from God. A sign of God’s special love and care on this day, and something that caused me to wonder what sort of amazing God is this that we worship and serve? Thank you for giving me the opportunity to shout God’s wonder from the roof tops.


By the way, we got to the wedding ceremony 4 minutes before two o’clock.

We were early.

Go figure!

Geoff Tiller


Lefevre Gathering


On Tuesday 7th November 38 members of the COMN from 16 congregation came together at the Lefevre Uniting Church to enjoy another wonderful Gathering.


Once again beginning with a shared meal, then we journeyed into the worship area for devotions, by Rev Angie Griffin and Coral Catton.


This was followed on by our 2017 AGM (minutes follow on from this brief report) then our topic for the night was; Transforming a Suburban Church into an Intergenerational Community engaging with the Creative Arts which was led by Rev Mark Hewitt and Nina Luscombe from The Corner Uniting Church.


Over the past 3 years, The Corner UC has recreated itself as an intergenerational community, offering spiritual depth and growth in our relationship with God through an Arts culture. It has intentionally built itself around the vision Faith Intersecting Life, building upon assets through a mission and values focused budget, encouraging and nurturing the gifts of its people and shaping a leadership team with common purpose, to be the Church it is today. The Corner’s ministry and mission is lived out through distinct ministry expressions, each using the creative arts.


I’m sure the night was once again enjoyed by all and that we left feeling inspired by the different ways of being able to Minister to those around us through worship, groups and events.


AGM Minutes 2017


COMN AGM was held on Tuesday 7th November 2017 at our Lefevre Gathering starting at 7.30pm


There were 38 members present from 16 congregations


Apologies from: Cheryl Wilson (Ascot) Linda Driver (Athelstone) Bettie Rundle Jean Chinca & Margaret Millington (Croydon Park) Malcolm Rawlings (Henley Fulham) Campbell Opie (Marion)

Douglas Monaghan (Noarlunga) Peter Moss (Seacliff) Lyn Powell (The Corner)

Anne Thyne (Trinity Alberton) Jenny Esots & Cogs Smith (Willunga)


1  Minutes of our 2016 AGM were moved by Don Hopgood 2nd by Allan Barnes and approved by all.


2.  Key Liaison Person Annual Report was received. Moved by Karen Mayne 2nd by Velvy Holden and approved by all.


Election for the Key Liaison Person for the COMN.


Glenys Badger nominated Rebecca Purling to be 2018 Key Liaison Person. It was 2nd by Ruthmary Bond, everyone approved and Rebecca accepted.


3  The proposed Budget for 2018 was moved by Marie Thomson 2nd by Karen Mayne and approved by all.


4  The proposal to keep the COMN Grants at $1,000 for 2017 was moved by Belinda Tester 2nd by Geoff Tiller and approved by all.


5  The proposal to keep our COMN contributions at 2% was moved by  Karen Mayne 2nd by Bruce Davis and approved by all.


6  PRC/PC rep  This role is a part of Brian Dunstan’s employment contract.


7  This year’s Members of COMN Executive Team-Â

Allan Barnes, Brian Dunstan, David Prior, Douglas Monaghan, Geoff Tiller, Glenys Badger,

Mark Hewitt and Rebecca Purling


8  Acknowledge those who are stepping down from the Executive Team

Allan Barnes, Geoff Tiller


Anyone who would like to be a COMN Executive Member for 2018 is asked to speak to Rebecca or Brian


9COMN Grant Approval Team for 2017 was Anne Thyne, David Badger and Peter Moss.


Peter Moss is planning to step down in 2018 as he is retiring in July 2018. If someone would like to be on this team, please speak to Brian.



At the AGM we don’t elect members for these teams but there is the option for others to come on the teams.


10 Any other business


10.1  Name of the Community Outreach Mission Network

There was some discussion about the name of the COMN especially looking at the word Outreach.

Allan Barnes proposed that we keep the name the same. It was 2nd by Bruce Davis. There were 2 blue cards against the proposal who were happy to stand aside.

Agreement was recorded to keep the name as COMN


AGM finished at 7.58 pm




COMN Yankalilla Gathering


Saturday 10th February 2018


Beginning at 12noon with a shared lunch.


Topic for the day is

What skills have you used?


You are all welcome to join us at our next COMN Gathering at the Yankalilla UC

121 South Rd, Yankalilla 5203


We will begin with our usual delectable shared meal,

followed by devotions and then our main theme for the day

is hearing back from our congregations about the COMN Grants they have received and how the Grant Money has helped them in their Outreach into the community.


Come and Enjoy





Mental Health Seminar  Grieving & Mental Illness

The Corner Uniting Church

corner Oaklands & Diagonal Roads, Warradale


Wednesday 15th November 2017

7:00pm – 9:00pm


Managing Conflict


Event details

The last of the seven part series of mental health seminars led by Rev Mark Boyce are being held at The Corner Uniting Church on a Wednesday night once a month. Each focuses on a different topic


For more information

Phone 8350 5400 or email






Willunga Christmas Tree Festival 2017

Now in its 16th year – December 2 & 3


Follow the Star

You are invited to enter a Christmas tree for display in the festival. Promote your business, group or community plus in the process create a unique tree for your Christmas celebrations.

Entry is free, and open to all. Your tree will also be included in our popular vote. This year the festival has sponsorship from Onkaparinga Council and prizes will be offered for the most popular trees and most original. The theme this year is Follow the Star

To enter a tree please send back this completed invite “ by November 24.

Phone: 85562758 OR email:




Christmas Cafe

Barmera Uniting Church



Pop-Up One Day Only!

Blink and you’ll miss it



Friday 8 December

5 pm until the fireworks


Sausage Sizzle

Coffee and snacks


Creative craft items for sale


Featuring Riverland Brass


Great spot to watch the fireworks






Please share this information and the events

with your congregation.

You never know who may be interested in attending something which is happening??



If you have any articles for the December COMN Newsletter,

please have them sent into Brian by Thursday 30th November 2017

Email  Mobile- 0413 994837