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March Newsletter 2018




Food for Thought




If someone were to say to you or perhaps if you were to say to someone…..

’be hopeful’ -how might ‘being hopeful’ look or feel?


Favourable and confident expectation.

Faithful/Trusting, Optimism, Anticipation


We live in a world where “hope” is challenged.


Every time we turn on our TV sets to watch a news service our hopes are challenged.  Children dying of hunger, refugees fleeing their homelands, countries at war, yet another school shooting in the U.S.A. and inept politicians.


Then we have the challenges that our closer to our daily lives. A struggling health system, the growing number of homeless people, those who are suffering from drug abuse or mental illness.  Even many of our churches are struggling to maintain hope. For example churches with elderly shrinking congregations and budgets. Congregations divided because of a difference of opinion.


The quality of Christian hope is that it imparts courage and patience for the present.  It is not a vague desire for better times, nor is it a resigned and passive submission to life’s problems while we wait for a new tomorrow.  The hope that is centred in Christ has kept the church through the ages during persecution and hardship.  It is the hope that demolishes fear, and transforms pessimism into godly and practical optimism.


To me that’s about enduring and steadfast hope we have because of our faith in the Lord Jesus. (1 Thess. 1:3 and Rom. 8:24-25)


Val Hall



Our 2nd Gathering for 2018


Will be held at the Grange Uniting Church 5 Beach St Grange 5022

on Tuesday 1st May starting at 6.15pm with a shared meal.


Our guest speaker for the night will be Rev. Ruthmary Bond speak to us about

Ministry through hospitality


Keep watching for more information


The 3rd Gathering for 2018


Will be held at Ascot Community Uniting Church 24 Fifth Ave, Ascot Park SA 5043

on Tuesday 31st July starting at 6.15pm with a shared meal.






The executive of our Network meet between our Gatherings to discuss how the Network is travelling, to share feedback and to plan for the future Gatherings. We also approve grant applications, support Brian and keep an eye on our financial position.


The Network is in a healthy financial position, as we have been for many years. In the past this comfortable financial position has enabled us to support ministries in the wider church including Frontier service and rural ministry in the South East.


Recently a proposal has been forming in the minds of the executive about the possible employment of a worker to help us in mission planning and implementation. There are a couple of ideas about how this might work. One model would involve the Network employing a person with skills in mission planning and research; local churches could then apply to use the skills of the person for a few days or a number of weeks to assist them in their ministry and mission. For example, church X would like two weeks of time devoted to researching ways to connect with a new housing estate being built in their suburb. Or church Y would like three days of input and training in children’s ministry.


The other model discussed by the executive is to employ the person to work across the Network, in a more centralised way, offering information and mission planning support across the different congregations or with groups of congregations.


The executive would like to hear some feedback on these ideas. Please consider them prayerfully and send your feedback to Brian or

Rebecca by the end of April 2018.




Seaside Praise


Seaside Praise is held every 2nd, 4th & 5th Sunday Evenings

in the hall at Grange Church.

5 Beach St Grange 5022


Bring a plate supper at 5.45pm

Service 6.30-7.30pm

Off street parking is available behind the church via Charles Sturt Avenue


All are very welcome.




Café  Church


You are Invited to join us in a new Cafe style service,

in a casual relaxed atmosphere at the Croydon Park Uniting Church Hall

310 Torrens Road Croydon Park (Bus Stop 19)


On the 1st Wednesday of each month


Beginning at 6.30pm with a Shared meal followed by our service, finishing at 8pm


Please bring a plate of food to share,


All welcome, hope to see you there


For more information phone Pastor Brian Dunstan 041 399 4837




COMN Grants for 2018


Community Outreach Mission Network (COMN) Outreach Grants are provided to assist member congregations in their community outreach. Funded from the members’ contributions to the Network, these grants are a once off grant of up to $1,000 for a community outreach initiative and they are provided for:

  • a new outreach initiative; or
  • expanding a current outreach; or
  • raising the profile of a congregation in their local community.

Member congregations receiving these grants are expected to share the progress and results of their grant funded community outreach initiatives with the rest of the Network at one of our gatherings.

For a member congregation’s application to be considered by the COMN Grants Committee, a member congregation will need to have paid all of their Network contributions for the 12 months preceding their application and the congregation’s application will need to show how their new initiative:

  • is a response to a perceived community need;
  • will be promoted in their community;
  • is to be funded;
  • will be evaluated; and
  • aligns with their mission goals.


It would be only in unusual circumstances that a member congregation would receive more than one COMN grant in the same year.

Applications are to authorised by two of the congregation’s leadership team and e-mailed to the COMN Pastoral and Administrative Officer:

Brian Dunstan COMN Pastoral and Administrative Officer

if you are unable to email  send it via mail 143 Woolnough Road Largs Bay 5016


Any queries call Brian on 0413994837


The closing dates to apply for a Grant are as follow;

Round 1        Friday 27th April
Round 2        Friday 27th July



If you are looking for our COMN Newsletters on the Webpage

go to go to the  Recourse button, click on Newsletter, scroll down to Categories, click on Newsletters then click on the Newsletter you are wanting to read.





Please share this information and the events

with your congregation.

You never know who may be interested in attending something which is happening??


If you have any articles for the April COMN Newsletter,

please have them sent into Brian by Tuesday 27th March

Email –   Mobile- 0413 994837