Community Outreach Mission Network June Newsletter 2018


Food for Thought

Prayerful colouring is the contemplative practice of colour­ing in line drawings during worship, or for personal prayer time at home. I find inspiration in the weekly scripture set by the Revised Common Lectionary and create a line draw­ing reflective of the theology and theme for worship and personal prayer. These drawings are used as a part of the intergenerational worship at The Corner Uniting Church. Aimed at people of all ages, they are designed to be coloured in within the time-frame of an hour of worship, with the in­tention of expanding the worship experience through visual, aural, and kinaesthetic engagement.


For those who engage with prayerful colourings in our wor­ship, the benefits are threefold:


  1. Focusing The practice helps people focus on what is tak­ing place around them, particularly during the message or sermon, particularly when attention span of many people wanes after five minutes or so. Many adults have approached me after worship, having done prayerful col­ouring for the first time, to say with great delight, “That is the first time I have sat through a sermon and heard every word!”


  1. Mindfulness Through the simple, repetitive action of

col­ouring in, people are brought into the conscious moment, mindful of space and place.


  1. Centring prayer This prayer involves sight, mind, and body. Using a drawing based on scripture that is the focus of the worship service, integrated prayerful connections are made that may not otherwise be made.


Prayerful Colouring – Mark 4:26-34 Mustard Seed © Mark Hewitt 2017




Moderators Listening Forum


Ministry leaders and congregations are invited to join the Moderator, Sue Ellis for a listening forum to discuss the marriage and same gender marriage proposal/report released by Assembly.


This will be a respectful, pastoral space where we can listen together.


The COMN will be hosting one of these events on Tuesday 12th June 2-3:30pm at The Corner UC


PLEASE share this event with your congregation members as you never know who maybe interested in attending the event.



The 3rd Gathering for 2018


At Ascot Community Uniting Church 24 Fifth Ave, Ascot Park SA 5043

on Tuesday 31st July starting at 6.15pm with a shared meal.

More information to follow



The Last Supper

at Seaside Praise will be on Sunday 24th June at 5.45pm


If you have ever been to a Seaside Praise Service, we would love to see you.

If you are bringing a meal that needs to be heated please,

arrive no later than 5.30 to allow time to heat the meal


The service begins at 6.30 in the Grange Uniting Church Hall 5 Beach St Grange


From Sunday July 8th

Seaside praise will start at 6.15pm in the Church Foyer,

Tea / Coffee will be provided for us to enjoy while we have the Service which will start at 6.30pm

Seaside Praise will now use a mixture of learning – informative DVD’s, Bible studies, Ministers and Lay people to bring us the message.




The 4th COMN Gathering for 2018


At Broadview Uniting Church

Corner Galway Ave and, Collingrove Ave, Broadview SA 5083

on Tuesday 30th October starting at 6.15pm with a shared meal.








COST:  $12 per person (for 3 courses)


RSVP:  24 JUNE 2018





The Corner U.C. are in need of extra volunteers in a number of areas:

Baristas (coffee makers), front of house (serving), dishwashers,
kitchen hands, and cooks.


Op Shop
serving, sorting, and stacking.

pruning, weeding, planting, and tidying.


Room Set Up & Pack Up
assistance with moving furniture before and after worship, programs, and functions.

Help can be once per week, fortnight, or month.
Please note all volunteers must complete a (free) Uniting Church Police Clearance.
For more information, or to register your interest, please contact Belinda at the office in person Tuesday – Friday 9am – 3pm, via phone on 8350 5400
or email



Apple Help for Seniors

iPhone & iPad Classes


IT 4 Retirees provides iPhone & iPad training tailored specifically for mature-aged clients. Our Apple iPad &/or iPhone courses step you  through the basics so you can use them with confidence!

  • 8 x 1-hour lessons of hands-on learning from patient and caring trainers
  • One topic covered each week including basic navigation, photos,
    adding names & addresses, emails, searching the internet, apps,
    FaceTime and iCloud
  • Jargon-free explanations
  • Small groups so everyone gets the support they need


Our trainers have police clearances and will deliver help in a straight-forward,
non-intimidating way. Learn tips & tricks that will help you enjoy using your device.

WHEN: Starting Wednesday 4th July 2018 at 10am

WHERE: The Corner Uniting Church, 93 Oaklands Road, Warradale 5046

COST: $170 for 8 x 1-hour classes plus 35-page manual & stylus pen

Please call Christine David on 0401-017-459 to book your spot!

Learn more at




Man, What a Meal

at Dernancourt Uniting Church  

1 Vingara Drive Dernancourt


Starts: Saturday 23rd June 2018  10am-12.30pm (Includes Lunch)


This 5 week free program for men over 50, will teach you how to cook a range of simple, healthy and delicious meals.


Funded by the Office of the Aging


To register: contact Lisa 0400 790 438




COMN Grants for 2018


Community Outreach Mission Network (COMN) Outreach Grants are provided to assist member congregations in their community outreach. Funded from the members’ contributions to the Network, these grants are a once off grant of up to $1,000 for a community outreach initiative and they are provided for:

  • a new outreach initiative; or
  • expanding a current outreach; or
  • raising the profile of a congregation in their local community.

Member congregations receiving these grants are expected to share the progress and results of their grant funded community outreach initiatives with the rest of the Network at one of our gatherings.

For a member congregation’s application to be considered by the COMN Grants Committee, a member congregation will need to have paid all of their Network contributions for the 12 months preceding their application and the congregation’s application will need to show how their new initiative:

  • is a response to a perceived community need;
  • will be promoted in their community;
  • is to be funded;
  • will be evaluated; and
  • aligns with their mission goals.

It would be only in unusual circumstances that a member congregation would receive more than one COMN grant in the same year.

Applications are to authorised by two of the congregation’s leadership team and e-mailed to the COMN Pastoral and Administrative Officer:

Brian Dunstan COMN Pastoral and Administrative Officer

if you are unable to email  send it via mail 143 Woolnough Road Largs Bay 5016

Any queries call Brian on 041 399 4837

The closing dates to apply for a Grant are as follow;
Round 2        Friday 27th July


If you are looking for our COMN Newsletters on the COMN webpage

go to

click on the Resources button,

select Newsletter on the drop-down list,

then click on the Newsletter you are wanting to read.




Please share this information and the events

with your congregation.

You never know who may be interested in attending something which is happening??


If you have any articles for the July COMN Newsletter,

please have them sent into Brian by Friday 29th June

Email –   Mobile- 0413 994837