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April Newsletter 2018




Food for Thought

By Rev. Douglas Monaghan


As you are probably aware, we’ve just had Easter, the great celebration of Jesus’ death and resurrection. Even if you didn’t come to the church where I was preaching, I’m betting you could guess the content of my message. You could probably have played sermon bingo ticking off the usual phrases, “rolled stone”, “empty tomb”, “He is Risen” and so on. I guarantee I used them all. The point is, we all know the Easter story so well. So unlike the women who turned up at the tomb, there’s no surprise for us at what happened.


Yet the first Easter was shocking. As the women go to the tomb their only concern is how to remove the stone. It never enters their heads that Jesus’ body won’t be there. Dead bodies tend to remain where you leave them. Pathologists never complain that their patients haven’t turned up or have gone to the wrong clinic. And when the women find out Jesus isn’t there, He is risen and alive, it’s no wonder Mark uses phrases like “bewildered”, “amazed” and describes them fleeing from the tomb in terror. That sort of thing just doesn’t happen, it is completely astonishing.


Our familiarity with the Easter story robs us of this emotion, and I can’t help but feel we are the poorer for it. But it got me thinking about it as an analogy for the church. Has the world become so familiar with the church that our impact is similarly lessened? For the first few centuries of life, the church was the enemy of the state, yet she flourished. The church caused kings, emperors, princes and rulers countless headaches as she continued to speak Christ’s words to the world. Yet now, who even notices the church? If we ceased to exist, who would pay attention? And on those rare times the church speaks out we are shouted down; told to mind our own business. So we sit quietly in the corner and hope no one notices us.


Well we are the body of Jesus. We are the means by which God is made known to the world. We are the visible presence of the risen Lord in our communities and there is nothing commonplace about us. This Easter I am praying for a resurrection in our churches. I pray that we’ll rediscover our sense of wonder at our amazing mission and show others how remarkable Jesus is. We’ll show the world how wonderful God’s mission to creation is and awaken faith in those we meet. We’re not just some social group that meet in a strange building once a week. We are the body of Jesus, tasked with continuing His mission to the world. There’s nothing mundane about what we do, let’s live this and demonstrate it to others.


Our 2nd Gathering for 2018


At Grange Uniting Church 5 Beach St Grange 5022

on Tuesday 1st May starting at 6.15pm with a shared meal and finishing at 9pm


Our guest speaker for the night will be Rev. Ruthmary Bond speak to us about

Hospitality in action (it’s not about the food)


All are welcome to come and join us



The 3rd Gathering for 2018


At Ascot Community Uniting Church 24 Fifth Ave, Ascot Park SA 5043

on Tuesday 31st July starting at 6.15pm with a shared meal.




The 4th Gathering for 2018


At Broadview Uniting Church

Corner Galway Ave and, Collingrove Ave, Broadview SA 5083

on Tuesday 30th October starting at 6.15pm with a shared meal.





Man What a Meal


This free cooking program for men over 50, will teach you how to cook a range of simple, healthy and delicious meals over the 5 week program.

Starts on Sat 21st April 2018
10am-12.30pm (includes lunch)
Dernancourt Uniting Church, 1 Vingara Drive, Dernancourt
To register contact Lisa 0400 790 438


Funded by the Office of the Ageing, Grants for Seniors





Low Heat Refuges


Do any members of the Network have information on attempts by local councils to establish

“Low Heat Refuges” – locating vulnerable in air-conditioned spaces during high heat in summer?


If so could you please contact

Rev Cliff Birch – Uniting Church/Churches of Christ

Home and Office 088248 0160 Mobile 0466 463 147


Working together as the one body of God


What would it be like if we could help resource our sister congregations??


The following question, or similar to it, has been mentioned tome a few times;


It would be great if someone could explore and if possible a compile a data base for people who would be available to play piano at a service other than their own church


What resources do you have that you could share with other congregations?

What resources do you need to help maintain your congregation and continue to be a witness for God in your surrounding area?


Food for thought? or is it Food for action?





COMN Grants for 2018


Community Outreach Mission Network (COMN) Outreach Grants are provided to assist member congregations in their community outreach. Funded from the members’ contributions to the Network, these grants are a once off grant of up to $1,000 for a community outreach initiative and they are provided for:

  • a new outreach initiative; or
  • expanding a current outreach; or
  • raising the profile of a congregation in their local community.

Member congregations receiving these grants are expected to share the progress and results of their grant funded community outreach initiatives with the rest of the Network at one of our gatherings.

For a member congregation’s application to be considered by the COMN Grants Committee, a member congregation will need to have paid all of their Network contributions for the 12 months preceding their application and the congregation’s application will need to show how their new initiative:

  • is a response to a perceived community need;
  • will be promoted in their community;
  • is to be funded;
  • will be evaluated; and
  • aligns with their mission goals.


It would be only in unusual circumstances that a member congregation would receive more than one COMN grant in the same year.

Applications are to authorised by two of the congregation’s leadership team and e-mailed to the COMN Pastoral and Administrative Officer:

Brian Dunstan COMN Pastoral and Administrative Officer

if you are unable to email  send it via mail 143 Woolnough Road Largs Bay 5016



Any queries call Brian on 041 399 4837


The closing dates to apply for a Grant are as follow;


Round 1        Friday 27th April
Round 2        Friday 27th July


If you are looking for our COMN Newsletters on the Webpage

go to go to the  Recourse button, click on Newsletter, scroll down to Categories, click on Newsletters then click on the Newsletter you are wanting to read.





Please share this information and the events

with your congregation.

You never know who may be interested in attending something which is happening??


If you have any articles for the May COMN Newsletter,

please have them sent into Brian by Monday 30th April

Email –   Mobile- 0413 994837